What are the Different Types of Rubber Gloves?

What are the Different Types of Rubber Gloves?
Nitrile gloves
There are different types of rubber gloves that are used in a variety of fields depending on how durable the gloves are. The most popular of all is latex which is commonly used in the medical field. Nitrile gloves is also used in the medical field but is not used in surgery.

Latex is the most popular and notable of all the types of rubber gloves. Latex is strong, elastic, and slip resistant. It is also leak and tear resistant which makes it ideal for the medical profession and is used often in surgery. They are exceptional in wet situations and allow the wearer greater sensitivity when using tools and instruments. Latex gloves are also slightly tacky which further increases the wearer’s sensitivity.

Though latex gloves are resistant to chemicals and fluid bound diseases, more and more people are developing latex allergies. Latex is a natural product, and the protein it is composed of may cause adverse reactions. Some of these gloves are powdered, and that powder further can act as a carrier of the protein and cause more allergic reactions.

Nitrile is an alternative to latex. Nitrile is a synthetic material, and as such, does not have protein. Therefore nitrile gloves are not likely to cause allergies in people. Nitrile interacts to the heat of the wearer’s hand in order to create a snug fit. This is ideal for increased sensitivity.

Nitrile rubber gloves are also soft and resist chemicals much like latex. However, its ability to resist liquids is not as documented as latex is. Nitrile gloves is appropriate for the auto and industrial fields. It is also used in law enforcement, dental, and pharmaceutical fields.

In addition to the medical, auto, and law enforcement industries, rubber gloves are often used in the home. Dishwashing gloves protect the hands from the water and grease. Lately, dishwashing gloves are including sponges on the palms and fingers to increase cleaning ability. Manufacturers are also rethinking glove design and are making them more fashionable.